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SCORE helps communications expert make a mark in digital-media strategy

Turning your passion into a business is a fantastic endeavor, but it also includes a great deal of work and risk. Charlotte entrepreneurs don’t have to take the journey all alone. SCORE, a national nonprofit organization, offers numerous resources to support entrepreneurs.

Job losses that occurred during the recession spurred many into action as entrepreneurs. Davida Jackson is one of the many  who suffered a job loss. She had experience in the communications field, but after her job loss, she didn’t take the often-traveled path toward public relations.

“During the recession, I got caught up in job loss like so many other people,” Jackson says. “I could have made the obvious choice and looked for a job in PR, but instead I started my business.”

The business Jackson speaks of is Called 2 Connect, a digital media-strategy company founded in 2008. Her passion for connecting people and businesses to their audiences proved to be something she could put to work as an entrepreneur.

“What I do is much more than just social media posting. I do the research and help companies reach their targeted audience. But even more than that, I help grab their attention. The goal is to get authentic interaction and begin discussions,” she explains.

Creating a business from scratch wasn’t simple. Jackson began searching for organizations that could help when she started to try to turn her passion into a solid business.

“When I was creating my business plan, I felt like a fish out of water. I started researching organizations that might help and learned about SCORE,” she says. “I attended several workshops in the beginning, and then got a mentor and we went over my business plan.”

Jackson has a long list of ways that SCORE has helped her, from the fact that mentors are available to talk and give feedback to the plethora of resources available to participants.

The support Jackson received has helped her lay the groundwork for a successful company. As a grad student at Queens University, a news producer at News 14 and a member of the board of directors for several organizations, Jackson still had time to lead digital media strategy for Mayor Anthony Foxx’s campaign.

“SCORE really helped me navigate my way through starting a business,” she says. “They helped me avoid the pitfalls and potholes along the way.”

For help developing your small business, contact SCORE through score.org. 

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