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How fast is the internet in the US?

A partner of mine in San Francisco had Comcast Products and Services introduce a 2Gb/sec symmetrical connection Internet get to connection to his home. After calling Comcast support number, his most serious issue was finding a speed test site that could gauge his transmission capacity. He got an a/30 subnet for IPv4, and a/48 for IPv6. 

I hear bits of gossip about 10GB connections, however this is the speediest connection that has a place with somebody I for one know. 

I let him know, "the Internet is your bottleneck to the Internet." Once your connection speeds approach the connection rates to the companion systems you need to achieve, your get to speed is less significant as your measure of execution. 

The genuine "speediest clients" appear in the exploration group, similar to Internet 2 Advanced Networking which can offer 100GB connections on a 8.8 TB spine. Be that as it may, once more, since your get to speed rivals your peering speeds, "quickest web" must be broke down in an alternate measurement. 

Tony Li reminded me about the 40Gb/sec association introduced in 2007 for Peter Löthberg's mother (Sibritt Löthberg). There is some preferred standpoint to be had when your child is creating front line optical interchanges advancements. 75-year-old has world's speediest private web association. For further information please call T-Mobile support number.